Angelia Moses » Sixth Grade Writing

Sixth Grade Writing

Spelling: The spelling list will be posted in every Friday. Spelling test will normally be on the following Friday, for the exception during six weeks tests. There will not be a spelling test.


Parts of Speech/Writing:  We will be studying parts of speech to help your child understand how the English language is put together.  We will then learn to write compositions that will begin to prepare them for the 7th grade Writing STAAR.


Classroom Rules:  Since we cover materials at a fast past, we need the following rules to be followed so that all students can be successful.

  • Follow ALL rules the first time
  • Do not interrupt my teaching, your learning, or other’s learning
  • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  • Arrive to class on time with all required materials
Note:  Students need to follow school policy and technology etiquette. 



            Daily Work                                         20%

            Quizzes/Spelling Test                        30%

            Test/Essays                                       50%

Note:  Please make sure to check TxConnect for grades


Technology in the Classroom

Google Classroom: Students will daily login to get assignments, lectures, spelling list, important class information.


Successnetplus: This program has the class e-textbook.  It is also the program that students will type their papers in.  


Note: Everything is to be done in the classroom.  The only time there is homework is if they don't complete it in the class time allowed. If you do not have technology at your home, students can come in before school during tutoring (7:50 a.m.).