Farmersville Junior High School

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Remote Learning Officially Starts on Monday, 3/23

(1) Note that online classes do not have specific hours; students do not need to be on a computer at the usual time for our first bell. Online learning is more flexible, and unless a teacher specifically notifies students of a scheduled video session, students are able to access and complete work according to their own preferred schedule (as long as due dates are still met).

(2) Set up a dedicated space for schoolwork.

(3) Create a daily schedule - include time for exercise (outside when possible).

(4) Review completed work with parents or guardians every day.

(5) Plan to work on virtual schoolwork for 4-5 hours per day, Mon-Fri.

(6) Each subject area will maintain specific tutorial hours for students in need. These hours are posted on the FJHS website, will prioritize students who are identified by teachers, and will emphasize virtual interaction. Students and families may also reach out to teachers to request tutorials. Tutorials may be arranged outside of these office hours at a time convenient for both teachers and students.

(7) Note that teachers are also caring for their own families; they will work every day, but do not expect 24/7 access or responses; both students and teachers should remember to enjoy the weekend with their families.

(8) Student success in this process will match the effort they give.

(9) Maintain healthy habits: Try not to worry, but instead support one another through any stress. Exercise every day (break a sweat). Eat healthy food, and don’t eat every time you are bored. Drink plenty of water. Wash your hands often. Get plenty of sleep (keep a bedtime Mon-Fri).

*We are all learning how to navigate this experience together. While mistakes will be made and lessons will be learned, we will all extend grace and support for both teachers and students. We expect our students to still be academically successful this year; we are just learning that we must achieve this success differently than originally expected.

Live kind. Growth for all.